HighTyde: Piece of a Larger Picture - Part 2

Hip-hop star HighTyde is making the most of his independence. Formally signed to Warner Bros./Word, the award-winning Battle Creek, MI native is taking every step to genuinely expand the reach of his brand by his means. He’s also doing so while remaining humble yet hungry, evidenced by Project Cypher - his charitable live performance series.

The first Midwest MusicChallenge winner is fully driven by love and desire to further the growth of hip-hop culture through community. With acclaim and attention continuing to find him, HighTyde realizes he is but a piece of a much larger picture.

What weight are you constantly carrying in your personal and professional life?

“I think whether it's work-related or personal life, I just feel like it's my destiny to inspire a younger generation. Sure, they don't have to be hip-hop artists, but what we lack in our society today are the leaders and the motivators. I constantly find myself being that guy who pushes people to be better than they are. It's not an ego thing, call it whatever you may. But a huge motivator for me is being the inspiration for someone, and then have it go full circle; seeing them succeed, which in turn inspires me to motivate someone else.

I think winning an event like the Midwest Music Challenge was a huge boost to my confidence. It was more like a gift, I guess. I'm sort of reminded of the Spiderman lore: ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. I think being crowned a winner of anything in general sort of puts a level of responsibility on your shoulders because you become a role model at that point. I think once I accepted that I am in that position of being a role model, I have to carry that with me like a badge of honor, because it truly is.” – HighTyde

For more on HighTyde and his Project Cypher series, visit HighTyde.com.
Download his newest releases NewTyded States of America HERE.

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