HighTyde: Piece of a Larger Picture - Part 3

Hip-hop star HighTyde is making the most of his independence. Formally signed to Warner Bros./Word, the award-winning Battle Creek, MI native is taking every step to genuinely expand the reach of his brand by his means. He’s also doing so while remaining humble yet hungry, evidenced by Project Cypher - his charitable live performance series.

The first Midwest MusicChallenge winner is fully driven by love and desire to further the growth of hip-hop culture through community. With acclaim and attention continuing to find him, HighTyde realizes he is but a piece of a much larger picture.

Where do you look for inspiration when you NEED to find it?

"When I look for inspiration, I look no farther than the leaders of any movement, whether it be on a local or national level. From music, to charities, to just beliefs in general, I'm inspired by individuals who take a stand, who create, the ones who don't tend to follow the pack, but rather guide it.

I look at someone like Tye Ramos of La Famil as an example. He had a dream, he had a vision, and he acted upon it. His success wasn't determined by following anyone but his own heart. He created events, he developed a following, he made connections. But Tye also spent time developing other artists. He could have been greedy, but he wasn't, and still isn't to this day. Tye is the type of person that wouldn't hesitate to share what he has learned with someone because he knows a team of people with knowledge is stronger than any one lone individual working towards the same goal. I tend to model myself after people like that." - HighTyde

For more on HighTyde and his Project Cypher series, visit HighTyde.com.
Download his newest releases NewTyded States of America HERE.

I write "good"!

-Joe Walker