Heart of Project Cypher 3: Gerald G-Ride King
By Mr. Joe Walker

Project Cypher is an annual charity concert founded and produced by hip-hop star HighTyde (Ryan Evans). This year’s event, Project Cypher 3, emanates from The Warehouse in Battle Creek, MI on May 14. Sponsored by The EDGE 104.9FM, its purpose is to raise donations for 3-year-old Jaxon House who suffers from Dihydrolipoamide Dehydrogenase Deficiency. A successful producer, designer, video director and recording artist, Hightyde will be the first to say Project Cypher is bigger than he and hip-hop combined several times over.

Artist, rapper, photographer, and video director and producer Gerald “G-Ride” King would agree.

All the artists scheduled to perform are the heart of Project Cypher 3. Each of them, which includes G-Ride, adds strength to its pulse.

I asked him what he gets from being part of Project Cypher. This is what he had to say.

"Project Cypher is my artistic escape from the world. It's an opportunity to focus on my music, photography, and TV production. Having one single event where we can all showcase our different skills while servicing the community gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

Project Cypher is one of the most peaceful hip-hop events I've been to in recent years, also. Often the good can be overshadowed by negativity. There first two Project Cypher shows reached a much wider audience than expected, and I'm proud of what the event has developed into.

Until Project Cypher came around I had no idea of the level of talent in this community and/or people willing to come together for a worthy cause. Every day I receive emails from artists who want to get on the bill for the next show, or just want to support us for staying positive. Project Cypher’s influence has also spread to surrounding areas with the help of social media and good old word of mouth.

Whether I'm onstage or behind the camera, I love being a part of Project Cypher. And I look forward to it every year.”