Heart of Project Cypher 3: Sick Daze
By Mr. Joe Walker

Project Cypher is an annual charity concert founded and produced by hip-hop star HighTyde (Ryan Evans). This year’s event, Project Cypher 3, emanates from The Warehouse in Battle Creek, MI on May 14. Sponsored by The EDGE 104.9FM, its purpose is to raise donations for 3-year-old Jaxon House who suffers from Dihydrolipoamide Dehydrogenase Deficiency. A successful producer, designer, video director and recording artist, Hightyde will be the first to say Project Cypher is bigger than he and hip-hop combined several times over.

Hip-hop duo Sick Daze would agree.

All the artists scheduled to perform are the heart of Project Cypher 3. Each of them, which includes Ko-D and F-man, adds strength to its pulse.

I asked the “Chasing Stars” pair what they get from being part of Project Cypher. This is what they had to say.

“I chose to be part of Project Cypher because it helps show the positive side of hip-hop. I don't even think of it as a charity night. Yeah the last couple have been for a child that's had an unfortunate diagnosis, and we're there to raise awareness and money for a good cause, but at the roots of it, it’s a raw ass hip-hop show.

Extreme local talent and huge crowds equals a great atmosphere that can really get the event going. It's always a great time. We do it for hip-hop and we do it for Jaxon.” – Ko-D

“I want to and have been a part of Project Cypher since the beginning, and I am blessed to say that because music is everything to me - literally. Music has done a lot for me over the years. I never really had much so I definitely know the struggles of life, and that they can change people. I just want to be able to give back and make a difference in someone else's life like music’s done for me. It has got me through years of struggles and kept me going. So if I can help make someone else's life different, I’m all about it.

Everybody deserves to have a chance to be happy in life. Project Cypher is a great outlet to do that with giving to others in need and spreading awareness. Me and Kayo Dash Dee make nothing from these shows. We donate all that we get from tickets to help support. And I have mad love for Ryan Evans for bringing us, Sick Daze, back every year to be able to give back and put on a show.” – F-Man