Recap: Murder Mitten Entertainment Presents Ces Cru Live at Papa Pete’s
By Mr. Joe Walker

On November 11, 2016 Murder Mitten Entertainment presented a night of live hip-hip music from Papa Pete’s in Kalamazoo, MI. MME’s top draw Sick Daze were joined by featured act Ces Cru of Strange Music, HighTyde, Prime Suspects’ PS Gang, J-Phrey, and P.W.P. This was a fun and impeccably enjoyable event from its beginning to the very end.

Not only was Liquid Arts & Entertainment on hand, managing editor Mr. Joe Walker was the host. He and the outstanding mixes of DJ E-Nyce kept the crowd interested and energized throughout the show.

Walker and E-Nyce, with a special appearance by esteemed producer/promoter Prezidential Poe, kicked things off with a ring-announcement-style introduction that got the audience pumped. “Sick Daze gave me the greenlight to do and say…whatever, so I just wanted to open with something fun,” Walker says.

HighTyde was up first, performing songs from his recently released LP ‘NewTyded States of America: The Sequel’. Song “Lose Yourself” was one of many that got hands waving enthusiastically.

PS Gang followed with an intense set that made everyone bounce. Their performance of hit “How Does It Feel” left an impression. People were still chanting the hook after they’d left the stage.

Speaking of chanting, that’s exactly how the audience showed love and admiration for hometown favorites Sick Daze. They chanted their name.

The gracious Kalamazoo duo of Ko-D and F-Man came on 3rd, showcasing why they’ve quickly become one of the hottest acts in the Midwest region. Each song performed from their debut album ‘Chasing Stars’ resonated with the audience. “Godemis [of Ces Cru] was chatting with me stage side, and he was like, ‘Yo, Sick Daze just killed it’,” Walker says.

Before Ces Cru took the stage, Walker acknowledged their reputation for being stellar live performers. He asked everyone in attendance if they’re as good as insisted. Both Ubiquitous and Godemis smiled slyly while simultaneously shrugging their shoulders. After their more-than-an-hour-long set they left no doubt. Ces Cru are incredible performers. Phenomenal. They kept the audience captivated, the energy never waned. And they too were acknowledged by an appreciative chant of their names.

Godemis told Liquid having their performance reputation called out inspired them. “We realize we’re polished,” he admitted. “But we were presented with our own hype, which made us want to surpass everyone’s expectation including our own. That introduction lit an extra fire in us.”

J-Phrey road Ces Cru’s flames with heat of his own, following with songs from his highly-anticipated visual LP ‘Sugga Watta’. His smooth, hip-hop-inspired R&B had listeners swaying with their drinks raised in approval. His efforts received their rightful cheers.

The duo of P.W.P – Ckyttlez and DL Blaze – closed the night with a hype set that hammered home the overall feel of the night.| By The Liquidation Committee