Shining Example 064: Gerald "G-Ride" King

Negativity and selfishness gets great publicity in our social networking, indirect-contact society. You’d be led to believe the world’s running low on good people and that no one cares for or respects one another anymore. Their only concerns are themselves; and when they’re in need, no one is willing to lend them a hand without reward.

 This is not the case. Kind, caring, selflessly-generous people still exist. Gerald “G-Ride” King is a shining example.

 When mentioning G-Ride is an artist be aware all bases are covered; he’s is a drawer, painter, writer, interior designer, graphic designer, photographer, producer, director, film editor, and recording artist. He’s taken the definition of multi-hyphenate and run with it.

 Owner of GK Photography and Television Executive Producer for Throwed TV, G-Ride’s not soon to run out of ideas, things to do, or being in demand by would-be clients. While good at what he does, he’s also a good person and one who believes in helping others.

 I asked Gerald “G-Ride” King to tell me about a time when he did something nice for someone he didn’t know. Here’s what he shared.

 “One day a kid got in touch with me on Facebook that needed prom pictures. I didn't know him at the time but he knew of me because of all the artwork I had around the college we both attended at the time. We scheduled the photo shoot and met up the next day.

 After driving to the closest ATM so he could pay me, he mentioned that the photoshoot we just did wiped him out financially and he still needed to find a ride for him and his girlfriend. I had a solution but I kept it to myself.

 The day of the prom I unexpectedly showed up to give them a ride and I gave his mother back the money for the prom pictures. I asked if he needed me for the ride back home from the event but, of course, he said no because he wanted some private time with his bae. Understandable, right?

 I normally don't do things like that due to my lack of time and finances, but this kid was willing to give me his last few dollars for my services and I felt it was the least I can do for his sacrifice. The young man I'm speaking of died recently in Detroit so I told his mother I would share this story.

 RIP Kid Flash.”