Shining Example 069: Ckyttlez

 Negativity and selfishness gets great publicity in our social networking, indirect-contact society. You’d be led to believe the world’s running low on good people and that no one cares for or respects one another anymore. Their only concerns are themselves; and when they’re in need, no one is willing to lend them a hand without reward.

 This is not the case. Kind, caring, selflessly-generous people still exist. Ckyttelz is a shining example.

 There is more to art than what is on the surface. Hip-hop artist Ckyttlez has a tattoo of the Wu-Tang Clan logo on his arm. To those who see it, it tells them he’s a fan of the 9-member super group and also someone they’ve inspired and influenced. Those who become more familiar with Ckyttlez learn the Wu brand etched upon his skin symbolizes a belief in social unity, teamwork, and respecting the freedom of artistic expression.

 All this is clear in the Battle Creek, MI native’s music. From underground favorite “Look What You Made” to the aptly titled “My Art”, Ckyttlez is a one-of-a-kind fresh face with plenty to offer through songs or conversations. While good at what he does, he’s also a good person and one who believes in helping others.

 I asked Ckyttlez to tell me about a time when he did something nice for someone he didn’t know. Here’s what he shared.

 One of the first nice days we saw in Michigan this year, I left work early looking forward to what I thought to be just a typical three-mile hike home.

 As I walked down the road I noticed an older gentleman, who must have been in his sixties, strolling about the street in a wheelchair. A moment or so later I turned back and saw that he was stuck in a dip off the sidewalk. I approached the man and it was revealed that he had no legs.

 I asked the gentleman if I could walk him to wherever it was that he was headed. He replied with, ‘Sure! All I know is I need to go that way,’ as he pointed forward. He was so full of happiness and joy at just the thought of it, so it seemed.

 We exchanged a few jokes and stories along the way. I must have pushed him in his wheelchair about a mile or so off my own route and didn’t even notice until the end. When we parted I asked if he was positive that he didn’t need to go any further, and he seemed certain of that. As we parted, I told him to have a good day and he replied with a, ‘God bless ya and you too!’ The change in his persona from the beginning to the end was immaculate. It definitely turned my hike around.

 I felt compelled to help him not because of his race or his physical handicap but because I thought it could be a moment with my grandfather or grandmother. I pray that someone in my shoes would have done the same for the older guy. You never know what one act of kindness can mean to a person.

 That is something incredible, to be able to influence someone on any level by simply being a kind person. That’s what I strive for!”