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Project Cypher is an annual charity concert created and produced by hip-hop artist HighTyde (Ryan Evans). This year’s event, Project Cypher IV, emanates from Shakespeare’s Lower Level in Kalamazoo, MI on May 20. Sponsored by WKFR 103.3FM, The EDGE 104.9FM, and Townsquare Media, all proceeds will go to Sebastian Boice, a child who suffers from Dandy Walker and Hydrocephalus.

A successful producer, designer, video director and recording artist, Hightyde will be the first to say Project Cypher is bigger than he and hip-hop combined several times over.

Before last year’s Cypher we asked HighTyde and many of those involved with the event why they’ve chosen to support it. All of their responses, which were originally published as individual blogs, still hold true today. We’ve brought them all together here on LiquidAE.com. Enjoy!

“What I get from being a part of Project Cypher is a sense of pride. Pride in the artists I can bring aboard. Pride in the artists for dedicating their time to support our community. Pride in knowing what we’re doing is taking hip-hop, as well as other genres of music, and doing something beneficial and not for personal gain. As artists, leaders, and role models, we define how we’re perceived.

Project Cypher to me is just a smaller piece of the bigger puzzle, but it’s a good jumping off point to raise awareness and get both artists and fans involved in giving back to our local and surrounding communities.” – HighTyde

 “I get enjoyment in being able to help someone in need, a family who needs help. I enjoy helping [others], it puts a smile on my face. Not only do I [still] do it for that reason, but I get to see what hip-hop is truly about.

I get to be part of a great show even though I’m not on stage or an artist. I still enjoy the music and can relate to it. All the artists come to one stage for one night and just be themselves. Seeing people do what they love to do puts a smile on my face, and I get enjoyment out of that [too].” – Desanne Ledbetter (Project Cypher’s Street Team Leader)

 “Being a part of Project Cypher gives one a sense of pride, it makes you hold on to that last bit of hope. Seeing hip-hop give back to the community makes one proud of the genre of music they grew up listening to. For one night you get to witness people come together from different backgrounds, who normally might not, for one cause!” – Prezidential Poe (producer)

 “Being a part of Project Cypher gives me a great opportunity to showcase my music and help another person while doing that. People don’t understand the things we take for granted every day, and to help someone that wasn’t given the same opportunity as us brings me more happiness then any amount of money or fame could ever bring me. I am very glad I get to be a part of this charity event. This night isn’t about us.” – J-Phrey (artist)

 “We continue to grow and show hip-hop can and will help people, plus Ryan aka HighTyde does a great job with the event.  I’m just happy to help, and perform for my family and friends and local supporters and fans!” – Ckyttlez (artist)

“Every member of Konspiracy Kamp – Drama aka Treason, Shneal, JCutlass – feels honored to be a part of the Project Cypher event, and hope to help make it as successful as possible. Our record label, Konspiracy Rekords, and group Konspiracy Kamp are revolutionary in nature, and giving back or helping our communities is always one of the primary goals and focuses of our music.

Considering a lot of our songs are aggressive, militant, revolutionary hip-hop tracks exposing and rebelling against tyranny, oppression, and corruption, we love to be able to show our softer sides in support of a good cause.

We believe it’s important to care for and unite with your local communities and feel that’s where a positive change in society has to come from. We want to thank Ryan Evans for his caring heart and all of the hard work and effort put in to organizing these Project Cypher events.” – Konspiracy Kamp (artists)

 “”Project Cypher is my artistic escape from the world. It’s an opportunity to focus on my music, photography, and TV production. Having one single event where we can all showcase our different skills while servicing the community gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

Project Cypher is one of the most peaceful hip-hop events I’ve been to in recent years, also. Often the good can be overshadowed by negativity. There first two Project Cypher shows reached a much wider audience than expected, and I’m proud of what the event has developed into.

Until Project Cypher came around I had no idea of the level of talent in this community and/or people willing to come together for a worthy cause. Every day I receive emails from artists who want to get on the bill for the next show, or just want to support us for staying positive. Project Cypher’s influence has also spread to surrounding areas with the help of social media and good old word of mouth.

Whether I’m onstage or behind the camera, I love being a part of Project Cypher. And I look forward to it every year.” – Gerald “G-Ride” King (artist)

 “I chose to be part of Project Cypher because it helps show the positive side of hip-hop. I don’t even think of it as a charity night. Yeah the last couple have been for a child that’s had an unfortunate diagnosis, and we’re there to raise awareness and money for a good cause, but at the roots of it, it’s a raw ass hip-hop show.

Extreme talent and huge crowds equals a great atmosphere that can really get the event going. It’s always a great time.” – Ko-D of Sick Daze (artist)

 “I want to and have been a part of Project Cypher since the beginning, and I am blessed to say that because music is everything to me – literally. Music has done a lot for me over the years. I never really had much so I definitely know the struggles of life, and that they can change people. I just want to be able to give back and make a difference in someone else’s life like music’s done for me. It has got me through years of struggles and kept me going. So if I can help make someone else’s life different, I’m all about it.

Everybody deserves to have a chance to be happy in life. Project Cypher is a great outlet to do that with giving to others in need and spreading awareness. Me and Ko-D make nothing from these shows. We donate all that we get from tickets to help support. And I have mad love for Ryan Evans for bringing us, Sick Daze, back every year to be able to give back and put on a show.” – F-Man of Sick Daze (artist)

 “The reason I partake in Project Cypher is simply for the fact that I believe music is a very powerful tool. Rap or not, if used correctly it can bring people together to support a common cause. I do it because I myself am a father, and I know how I would feel knowing artists were doing things like this for me. I do it because I believe we are making a positive influence in these kids’ families, and in the community.” – Nemoniq (artist) |

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