The Journey of Project Cypher: From The Warehouse To Shakespeare's

All proceeds from annual charity concert Project Cypher are donated to a special needs child and their family. Created by hip-hop artist and philanthropist HighTyde (Ryan Evans), this year’s Cypher IV on May 20 will benefit Sebastian Boice, a child who suffers from Dandy Walker and Hydrocephalus.

For the first time since its inception Cypher will emanate from Shakespeare’s Lower Level in Kalamazoo, MI. Its 3 previous years were presented from Warehouse in HighTyde’s hometown of Battle Creek, MI. The venue’s former owner Jena Goodwin told their main focus was on live events and an increase in community projects. “Project Cypher combines the two in the most spectacular way imaginable,” she said. 

Multiple benefits were hosted each year at Warehouse, these included Wounded Warriors among various other charitable causes, and also financial support for families of those recently deceased. “Project Cypher, however, was probably the one that created the biggest buzz around town and pulled the most diverse crowd,” Goodwin said. “And when you think about it, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Bringing people from different walks of life together, not to disregard their differences, but to celebrate them in fantastic fashion.”

Goodwin noted there are not many events where “you will find a hip-hop artist on the stage, and retirees at one table, next to a table of moms in their twenties, next to a table of freshly minted twenty-one-year-olds cheering on the artist all at once,” she said. “We love this event, we love the people involved, and most importantly we love what it does.

“Our way of assisting HighTyde,” Goodwin continued, “was to donate the use of the venue, gift certificates for the raffle, and free sound production. And we were honored and blessed to be a part of the event and be able to do so!”

If all goes well Project Cypher will leave an equal impression on Shakespeare’s Lower Level.

Goodwin added, “When you find a person like HighTyde who will dedicate the considerable amount of time, energy, and money into an event like this, you cannot help but be inspired to help in whatever way possible.”

Project Cypher IV is sponsored by WKFR 103.3FM, The EDGE 104.9FM, and Townsquare Media. | 

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