The Boice of Reason: Thanks Project Cypher IV

Project Cypher IV was a great concert event for recording artists from various places to showcase their talents, gain new fans, and network with one another. But that’s not the reason they were there. Each act on the ticket donated their time and products to benefit Sebastian Boice, a 1-year-old boy from Battle Creek, MI diagnosed with Dandy Walker and Hydrocephalus. All proceeds from the annual event created by hip-hop artist and philanthropist HighTyde (Ryan Evans) are donated to the child and their family.

This year’s Cypher, which emanated from Shakespeare’s Lower Level in Kalamazoo, MI, raised $3,500 for the Boices. was honored to again cover the event, and Liquid A&E managing editor Mr. Joe Walker was the co-host for the third consecutive time while Liquid editor-in-chief and photographer Doug Sims captured moments. As much as we love supporting and discussing the entertainment of art, the reason we attended Cypher IV was to witness all the love being shown to Sebastian and his family.

We here at Liquid Magazine would like to offer sentiments of our gratitude.

Thank you to the Boice family for letting us be part of your lives for one special night!

Thank you to everyone who attended the show!

Thank you, HighTyde!

Thank you, Townsquare Media!

Thank you, 103.3 WKFR!

Thank you 104.9 The EDGE!

Thank you, Shakespeare’s Lower Level and your entire staff!

Thank you, DJ FX!

Thank you, and Liquid Lounge Podcast!

Thank you, Desanne Ledbetter!

Thank you, Cathe Gee!

Thank you, Nenomiq!

Thank you, Erika Sherry!

Thank you, Big Kid Kingpin!

Thank you, Don Worthington!

Thank you, Erik Stephen!

Thank you, Smoove!

Thank you, Gerald “G-Ride” King!

Thank you, GK Photography!

Thank you, Konspiracy Kamp!

Thank you, Ckyttlez!

Thank you, J-Phrey!

Thank you, Prezidential Poe!

Thank you, Michiagn Made!

Thank you, #MissingLinx!

Thank you, Mr. 1204!

Thank you, 1204 Promotions!

Thank you, Da Golden Child!

Thank you, Sick Daze!

Thank you, Murder Mitten Entertainment!

Thank you, Griffin!

Thank you, Project Cypher IV!