Mr. Joe Walker's Blog: A Conversation with Sebastian Boice

I had a conversation with Sebastian Boice on Saturday May 20, 2017. He’s a 1-year-old diagnosed with Dandy Walker and Hydrocephalus. The two of us were at Shakespeare’s Lower Level in Kalamazoo, MI for basically the same reason.

 Sebastian was there as the beneficiary of Project Cypher, an annual charity concert created by hip-hop artist and philanthropist HighTyde aka Ryan Evans. All proceeds from the event go to a special needs child and their family. And for the 3rd consecutive year I served as its co-host.

 When I wasn’t introducing the acts on the ticket I was mingling with their fans. I’d been running back and forth between the stage and the venue floor for a couple hours, getting quite worn out lugging my two WWE Championship belts in the process. Being the “Word Heavyweight Champion” subjects me to more than brain exercise.

 I was in need of a brief brake and saw this as the perfect opportunity to get some one-on-one time with the guest of honor.

 When I approached Sebastian he was relaxing in his stroller as booming music and boisterous chatter surrounded him. He appeared completely unaffected by the commotion and as cool as a Push-Up pop. I, on the other hand, was a sweaty mess, huffing and puffing as though I’d run several laps around Arcadia Creek Festival Place across the street. Sebastian’s mother Aixa laughed as I, completely winded, knelt next to her son.

 “Hey, Sebastian,” I began, using a child-friendly tone. “I see you’re over here just chilling out. I’m all hot and sweaty right now.” He just looked at me while nibbling his blue pacifier.

 “It’s loud in here, isn’t it?” I asked rhetorically while sounding a bit PBS Kids-show-goofier. “I sure hope you’re enjoying the show we’re putting on in your honor.” I was hoping I’d get a smile from him. I didn’t.

Sebastian turned his attention toward the stage as though he said, “Yes, I am enjoying the show, sweaty hosting guy. So how about you go huff and puff yourself back over there and handle the action while I hold down the chilling from here. Thank you.” I respected his suggestion. So I pulled myself up to head back to my post.

 Just I was preparing to go, one of the night’s artists, Gerald “G-Ride” King, arrived stroller-side. “What’s up, Big Guy,” he said to Sebastian exuberantly. “You having a good time?” Sebastian smiled, then looked at G-Ride as though he said, “Yes I am, rapper guy! Thank you for asking and for also not getting too close while being sweaty! Are you a fan of Gerber?”

 Notes for my next conversation with Sebastian Boice: Don’t use goofy voice, honor personal space, don’t be sweaty, and try to be Gerald “G-Ride” King.

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