HIGHTYDE was born on February 28, 1982 in Homer Michigan. HighTyde began writing and composing music and song lyrics in 1998. He then moved to Battle Creek, Michigan to pursue and recieve his Associates Degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Business and Marketing from KCC.


After a four year hiatus, HighTyde returned to the Battle Creek music scene in 2013 winning over the crowd at Tramplefest II. HighTyde next entered, and ultimately won, the first ever Midwest Music Challenge, after narrowly beating fan favorite Smartmouf, in the finals. After receiving praise and admiration from peers and fans, HighTyde began work on a 7 year long dream he had, which ultimately became Project Cypher. Every year since 2014, HighTyde has been dedicated to raising awareness for children with special needs through his event. To date, HighTyde and Project Cypher have raised over $10,000 for these children through his Hip Hop for Charity event.

HighTyde continues to fight for the rights of and raise awareness for children with special needs in the local community, while promoting unity in the local Hip Hop scene.


If you know of a family with a child with special needs, please contact HighTyde at:




for consideration on being sponsored in future instalments of the Project Cypher event series.