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  • Real Name:

    Ryan Evans

  • Birthdate:

    February 28, 1982



The HighTyde Story

Ryan Evans was born on February 28th, 1982. It wasn't until 1995 that Ryan got into music. The biggest influence that drew him into the hip hop culture was the success of the song "Tha Crossroads" by Bone Thugs N Harmony.

Shortly afterward in 1997, Ryan adopted the stage name "CoolyHigh" and began writing songs.

In 1998, Ryan dropped the name "CoolyHigh" and changed it to "HighTyde" after watching a special on the discovery channel about aquatic life.

In 1999, HighTyde released his first album on tape and CD, "The First Chapter of Afterbirth", followed shortly after by "U Can't Talk Dirty When Ur Screming My Name" in 2000, and "CUNTagious" in 2001.

After some limited success, HighTyde decided to switch back to his Christian roots. He began writing, and subsequently released his first Christian hip hop album, "Enissophobia" (The Fear of Sinning) in 2002. He then began work on his second Christian hip hop album, "Fear Not", but scrapped it shortly afterward. It was during this time that HighTyde was then contacted by a representative of Station South Entertainment based out of Nashville, Tennessee. HighTyde began recording the song, "Christmas Card" for Station South Ent. Station South helped HighTyde secure radio play for "Christmas Card" and land a deal with Word Records/Warner Bros.

After a year with little to no movement at Word, HighTyde removed himself from the recoridng industry and went back to doing music independently.

HighTyde went on to independently re-write, re-record and release "Fear Not" in 2004.

HighTyde also released the secular album, "Good Advice (EP)" in 2005, ", before returning to his Christian roots again, releasing "God Loves Company" in 2007, and "R.E.Mix" in 2009. After the release of those albums, HighTyde began writing for the "Tydal Wave (EP)" album, but a severe case of writer's block, led to a pushback of the album until 2011.

After some soul searching and an opportunity to perform at Tramplefest II, in 2013, HighTyde decided to not limit himself to only being a Christian artist and made the decision to return to his secular side, while still embracing his Christian roots. Tramplefest II was a resurgence in HighTyde's spirits after a several year lull.

HighTyde entered and ultimately won the first ever Midwest Music Challenge competition after defeating several other top local emcees.

HighTyde began using his newfound name and connections to ultimately begin planting the seeds for his ongoing annual Hip Hop for charity event, Project Cypher. Bringing in hip hop and other genre artists from the local and surrounding areas to raise money for families with special needs children.

At the end of 2015, while HighTyde began work on "The NewTyded States of America" mixtape, he hooked up with Prezidential Poe. The two of them collectively started what is now known as #MissingLinx. #MissingLinx is a marketing and network team of artists, producers, photographers, videographers, and marketers that help artists to get what they need, in return helping to promote other #MissingLinx artists.

After several Project Cypher events, HighTyde and #MissingLinx have been able to raise over $7,000 in charitable donations for local families in need.

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